Olive Ridge School
Olive Ridge School


Language Approach

Olive Ridge School will have a unique language approach. The argument for mother-tongue education in the early years of a child’s development have been pushed to the forefront by experts in the last few years.

Internationalizing of standards and globalism on the other end of the spectrum requires good communication skills in a wide spoken language like English.

The Olive Ridge approach will use English as the main language of instruction, but will at the same time provide a blended option to its Afrikaans and Sotho learners in order to bridge any stumbling blocks in their early development due to English not being their home language.

This will be achieved through individual tutoring as well as a multilingual approach in the classroom environment.  This approach will also benefit English speaking learners who will be exposed to other regional languages early in their life.

This approach will be introduced in the early years, up to Grade 3. From Grade 4 onwards, the learners will be capable to deal sufficiently with the English language in order for them to cope with the advanced curricular requirements.