Olive Ridge School
Olive Ridge School


Our Story

Driven from the rewards we experienced in education for over 21 years and our love for children, the Edulife Group embarked on an educational project which is a first for Bloemfontein.

Central South-Africa is ideally situated for a school that competes internationally. The fourth industrial revolution will demand internationally competitive skills from the young people of the future.

The need to create a psychosocial safe learning space for the growth of emotional intelligence to cope with the digital demands of our generation, motivated the team.

To establish such an institution, you need to combine the elements of will, knowledge and opportunity. Olive Ridge School is a dream come true for our Group. We found the ideal safe environment on the Wild Olive Estate to develop.

Investors came aboard, expertise were sought and found and the #OliveRidgeApproach were conceptualized. The legacy we want to leave behind is to equip the next generation with the skills that instills in them a sense of purpose to make a difference.