Olive Ridge School
Olive Ridge School


The Project

The school will be developed in phases. This provides our educational specialists and project managers to adapt to the growth needs of the school.

A less rigid development approach allows more opportunity for stakeholders, such as the community, parents and learners to provide input of ideas and needs to the project.

The second obvious advantage is that the cost of establishing such a leading school can be kept down, thus making education of this standard more affordable.

Phase one: Opening January 2020 – Pre-Primary (18 months to Grade 00) and Junior Preparatory 6 to 7 years (Grade 1)

Phase two: Opening January 2021 - Junior Preparatory up to Grade 3 (8 to 9 years) Resident facilities. / Collegiate - Ages 13 to 16 (Grade 8 and 9)

Phase three: Opening January 2022 – Senior Preparatory / Ages (10 to 13 years) Grades 4 to 7 and Senior Collegiate Grades (10 to 12) Resident facilities.